My HOTOSM Internship

The HOT community is created from volunteers, local community leaders, and working teams located all around the world. I had the honor speaking with a few of them. The community is welcoming and values all members.

A common mission goal among the community is putting the world’s most vulnerable people on the map. HOT provides tools for its community, and it was my job to help improve the user experience in order to help achieve those goals. My project was to understand who the end-users are, their needs, and pain-points. I was working with community members who were familiar with the RapID editor, a plug-in mapping-assistant that helps mappers map faster using AI. The RapID editor is soon to be integrated into the TM4. It was important for HOT’s community leaders to find a way to alleviate any confusion that may occur once the RapID editor is introduced. Bo Percival, my Outreachy mentor, has guided me along the way with the help of Ramya Ragupathy and the HOT Tech Team.

I love learning about people in order to help them improve their lives. This is one of the reasons why I was drawn to UX/UI Design. Not only am I doing something I love to do, but I’m also contributing to something wonderful. I’ve learned so much already. Over the internship period, I’ve conducted user interviews with people from all around the world, learned what the best user research strategies are, created empathy maps, user personas, user journeys, and I’m still learning!

It has been an amazing experience working with the HOTOSM team and its community. Peoples lives have been improved because they were added to the map, and it is an honor to be part of a community that supports humanity and spreads compassion.